Design Finalized for Ford Ecoboost Modification to D-Cycle

Design Finalized for Ford Ecoboost Modification to D-Cycle

Ecoboost Engine build

Yan Engines announced today that it has finalized and frozen its design for a prototype in the passenger vehicle segment.  The Differential Stroke-Cycle (D-Cycle) modification to a Ford Ecoboost 1.0L engine marks the first of its kind for a modern, mass produced engine.

The 1.0L Ecoboost is one of the most advanced, fuel efficient engines in the world, winning International Engine of the Year every year since it was first produced in 2012.  “We challenged ourselves to improve upon the best and expect gains that can’t go unnoticed,” said Lu Yan, CEO and one of the founders of Yan Engines.  “Our collaboration with Ricardo shows we should achieve close to an additional 20% fuel efficiency from our retrofit with the potential to reach 30% if we implemented some of our next generation technologies like our continuously variable electronic D-Cycle.”

This development work has resulted in an additional two patent filings and a new execution of the mechanism that adds robustness, ease of manufacturing and the capability to integrate future generations of the D-Cycle.

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