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YAN Engines wins SXSW Eco Startup Showcase

Yan Engines was the SXSW Eco Award winner for the 2015 Startup Showcase in the Energy category.

The pitch competition included a field of over 400 entrants, with 8 in each category invited to the pitch.  Judges selected the winners based on what companies offer the most promising solutions to the challenges facing society and the environment today.

As the winner, Yan Engines was awarded the coveted white bison for 2015.  Watch founder and CEO, Lu Yan, pitch at SXSW Eco…

Car Engine Kickoff

YAN Engines announced today that it recently opened up a UK subsidiary to lead design and development of engines for the passenger vehicle segment.  We raised additional project-based funding to be deployed specifically for this segment.  The team will be led by Greg Simmons and James Glover, two all-star engineers from the motorsports industry.

According to co-founder, Lu Yan, “Our UK group will help get our retrofit energy efficient engines into passenger vehicles that will benefit consumers on many fronts – financially, certainly, but also environmentally while improving driving performance and experience.”

Heavy-Diesel Engine Retrofit Success

Engine Stand

We’re officially announcing our success thus far with our R&D project for the US Military, with over 40 successful engine starts.  The engine has been holding steady idle, and increasing to speeds equivalent to the operating range of the baseline engine.  We look forward to additional contractual support and collaboration from our military counterparts who have been instrumental in bringing the D-Cycle to market.